Controlled Access

The thing you will discover as soon as you begin, really begin, making public comments is they will begin to attempt to control your voice.  And, while the truth is “Vous n’avez pas le droit du faire ca!” or “You don’t have the right to do that,” the Truth is, Our Government does it.

If you have an ally sitting in the appointed or elected position, they will boost your voice, and conversely, if you have an opponent, they will quash your voice as much as possible.  Sometimes, the “City” does that (individuals notwithstanding) by making archives selectively available after the fact.  Sometimes, the “Mayor” will do that by playing with the order of the speaker cards, and cutting time to speak or having your voice removed entirely from the chambers altogether.  And, that is what is wrong.  There is NO NEUTRALITY in the voice of the people to even get heard even IF they go to a public meeting, sign up and have their three minutes to speak.

Screenshot (2)

I wanted to share several videos from recent appearances at Palm Desert City Council for the #BlackLivesMatter, #GlobalPoliceStateStanddown because I’m personally tired of the police being held above the law and it not mattering to our elected officials and the public in general.  Those videos, where I appeared at the City Council meetings are not in their archives.  Why not?  I hope it has absolutely nothing to do with me and what I said, but still, it makes a girl has just have to wonder why.

Why is there not safe space for the people to speak at public comment and why isn’t their voice shared equally, fairly?


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