The Battle For Safe Space

Before there can be community policing, there must be an engaged government with Public Officials wholly accountable to The People.  If the People are not engaged in their government, either through #GovernmentFortressing or abject disinterest of the People, there cannot be an effective Community Policing Policy in place.

If voting turnout is so low so as not to even engage a simple majority of its “registered citizens,” let alone the Public, Governments must acknowledge their failure to maintain a government of consent, fundamental for the operation of the American System.

Government Fortessing is when Elected Officials use all their leverage to minimize public comment and input.  They do this on every level and in every way they possibly can to manipulate the narration of the interaction between the Public and the Government in the most impartial way possible, always and consistently in favor of the institution, employees or elected officials.

I experience this with the City Council of the City of Los Angeles.  I am not alone.  Apparently, this is how they treat everyone they choose to view in their interpretation and narration of the interactions.  I do not care if anyone values my thoughts and words specifically, what I do care about is that the person with the RIGHT answer in the room for a problem or an issue will not be precluded, stifled or completely blocked from speaking because those who hold the power, abuse it. Herb Wesson and the Los Angeles City Council create an uncomfortable forum for public speaking, send out mixed messages inviting public to come and engaged only to come and be told to “stfu” and they are speaking off topic just because they are not a very good speaker, yet won’t even listen to see if they get around to getting to the thought they wanted to share in the time allotted.  That is why time is allotted, because sometimes people take a minute to get their thoughts out on a subject.  What I fear most is, the smartest person in the room just won’t come because our Public Officials are mean to anyone they choose without any recourse.

Wrong mindset for any government that wants an engaged public.  Since we are a government that is by the consent of the People, this government has wrong-minded authority.

Watch City Councilman “President” Herb Wesson deal with two “off topic” speakers (according to him on Agenda Item 30, around 1hour 41minutes) — me and Batman!  Observe the difference is in how he deals with me vs. Batman. I was literally escorted from the room because what the television doesn’t show are two police officers putting their hands on me and my demanding they release me immediately as they did not have consent to touch me (that is the “disturbance” in the meeting referenced).  FYI, In this meeting, this was the first time I got up to speak on an item.  I guess he just didn’t like my introduction.  Sigh, #ToastmasterModelFailed2Work.  Maybe, its just because I’m a girl.


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