Public Meetings

There are public meetings on almost every subject matter you can imagine.  If there’s a government involved, there’s a public meeting on the way that government operates and governs.  I picked the Nuclear Regulatory Agency as one of government pieces I watch because, after the nuclear power plant in Japan began melting down 4 years ago, I realized that our greatest threat to survival was the complete nuclearization of our water through the improper disposal of nuclear waste and the way we mine, manage and dispose of our nuclear materials even after all these years.

I am no nuclear scientist and I mostly just attend the meetings to learn what i don’t know and chime in where I have questions or a thought, after all, if one wants to hang out with smart people, one must go searching for smart people and who is more smart than a nuclear scientist?!!!  well, i have discovered, that nuclear scientist and all, most of the people at the NRC know just more about the details of their job, but their vision for real safety and security has been so compromised by the way that corporations and businesses have worked with government to change the mindset to one of dullness, negligence and compromise beyond the threshold of reasonable safety, well beyond common sense.

Here’s a simple report from one of the meetings.  Mostly gibberish, until you ask them to explain it to you as if you were on a tour of the facility with a field trip from an elementary school.  If they cannot explain anything they were speaking about in a public meeting to that level, they need to be challenged to make the information and discussion to be one the common person may understand, otherwise what is the point of holding a public meeting on anything?


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