The City that Seats The State Capitol

Every state in the United States has a capitol.  The City that plays host to that capitol has a special task to hold that capitol secure and accessible for the People.  Last year, I went to my state capitol, Sacramento, California, for the occupy national gathering. We arrived the day before, met up with the local organizers who had informed us of their typical police harassment they had been experiencing when news of the Occupy National Gathering was coming to Sacramento.  A small group of citizens that actually hailed from all over the world,we had no more than the Continental Congess except when we had our demonstrations and direct actions.

After hearing about the harassment of the local police and their promise of more, I went to the Sacramento City Council meeting and addressed my concerns for the gathering, invited the City play “a good host” as opposed to how they promised to show up in riot gear for our very little, sweet, but deliberate gathering.  Securing safe space begins with clear communication.  I think that if I give all government officials their position’s authority and expect, demand and require them to hold that authority as The People consent, they will ultimately do what the People consent for them to do, based on the continued informed direction from the People.


5 thoughts on “The City that Seats The State Capitol

    • No, actually, I’m not fond of laws, they don’t do much good usually. Really not fond of movements, too many pretenders and manipulators. No one needs to be unseated from their positions of authentic authority, and if they do, usually, the universe handles that pretty well. I’m actually a proponent of no laws at all, i think they create a weak minded citizen and even weaker human being. There are small changes, like police not showing up in riot gear for a demonstration or a protest, that was one of our goals by going to that City Council. Other progress has been made throughout the nation. And, i don’t want to jinx it, but i think we even have an #IranDeal coming tomorrow. Huge step in the #GlobalZero plan for a world without nuclear weapons. =) just a 3 minute moment of my contribution to the planet. you can do it too . . . what would you contribute?

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      • lol, you really think that other nations really want to attack us — only if the CIA got there and convinced them of it first. LOL, that’s almost funny. You’re probably too young to remember IranContra or didn’t study all the history on Pearl Harbor – – – even if they wanted to attack us, we could have stopped them. No, we’re the one’s make the money off of war, we perpetuate it. And if a Sister at the age of, how old was Sister Megan? 89 or something like that, can get into a nuclear weapons facility, anyone with the mind to do it would have already done so. #smh, you really are smarter than that. =) but thank you for your service to the illusion they created for you to believe, that I KNOW was not done in vain. That was real service to something you did believe, as opposed to the actual truth of our reality. I prefer the truth vs. their games and lies, myself. =)

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