How To Get Involved

Occupy City Hall is the re-invitation to the People to re-engage in public contribution, discussion, debate and dialogue in their local governments.  “City Hall” is most people’s first level of government they consent to, for others its a County or Parish government, for others, it may be a State or Federal agency.  Regardless of the body of government, each body is responsible to provide a safe space and open forum to listen to every person’s voice.

With record low voter turn-out and complete disenfranchisement of the majority of the population, this is a great opportunity to have your voice influence the shift in the government that must come at every level to improve the overall government and its treatment of The People.

Get involved and share your contributions in your government here.  Categorizing and Tagging are key to the usability of this site for others who are facing the same challenges elsewhere.  If you are interested in contributing once or regularly, please send an email with “Occupy City Hall Contribution” to “”.  =)  cheers.


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