Watch “.@StopLAPDSpying on Lack of Transparency at #LAPD #LosAngeles #Police Commission April 18, 2017” on YouTube

This group from Los Angeles work really hard to know and understand how the police begin to threaten us, the average citizen. I’m so grateful for the day I met them at occupy los angeles many years ago. Keep up-to-date so you can understand the police state reality where you live.


Bullying Government

Desert Hot Springs, CA
7 Feb 17
City Council Meeting

I push buttons. Sometimes, I push buttons so people can see themselves for exactly how they are, the people they have become.

The bullies we are, play the games of the masses for the intentions and purposes of others, usually the corporate players or campaign contributors. The true individuals we are have been lost in the confusion of the part of the story we’re missing. That’s when having good friends are important.

The belief that “my religious beliefs” trumps those of others, falls in our government under the agreement for our union the Constitution protects. Does our Constitution not separate the church and those beliefs from imposition in government, like at city council meetings?

It’s shocking to me that we still need to wait for this correction. #PeopleAreStupid is still truth on planet earth.

The Need 4 Change

Requires each of us to find a way to share our voice.
Each of us is holding a key to the context of this nation we need to address right now.  If you are reading this, then you know what I mean because you are not watching reruns of Dukes of Hazard or playing a video game that does little than occupy your mind for a time.

To be governed requires a lot of work by those of us who know what we want in our nation for our children.  The future we want for them, and the future we DO NOT WANT for them.  I think the latter is, right now, the most important thing we need to communicate to our government.

Our government creates ways to govern us, more and more ways to “fix” the areas where there are conflicts and problems, mostly through new laws or another new program that will address the area that is not “right.”  We are doing too much of that now without really thinking and researching the development of circumstances and not bothering or managing to find the roots of that which led the government to even want to address it with a new law or ordinance, regulation or policy.

Be sure to go to your next City Council, County Commissioner or State Legislative meeting where you can give them some information — what you think they should do, and be sure to tell them in explicit terms what you will and will not consent to in their actions.

Stop the overreaching of our governments wherever you find a need, and do it with a smile because remember, they are our neighbors and, sometimes, friends.  Be kind, but direct, matter-of-fact and succinct, clear and concise and consent that is not given is one they are not allowed to take, even though that is the modus operendi.  Remind them so they know without a doubt exactly what you do and do not consent for them to do.

Welcome To Occupy City Hall


Welcome to Occupy City Hall.  This space is created to share the common experience of “Fighting City Hall.”  I have found, in my engaging with City Halls, its less of me fighting them and more of them revealing their true personal issues and political agendas through the way they treat those who come to City Hall to help form a consensual government.

I have discovered, while I am on the “non-violent” team, they are not.  They are purveyors and supporters of violence and bullying in our communities to make their agenda the only one relevant for us all to live with as we have been bullied out of our City Halls and told we cannot fight them.  Exposing them for the bullies they are, can help form an acceptable public policy to allow Safe Space for the People to participate equally (!!!) with those elected to make final decisions — and THAT IS ALL THEY HAVE BEEN ELECTED TO DO.  They were not elected to use the public office and resources like the police force to make their voice the only one heard!

This is the weapon of my choice.  My first link is to one of the most egregious acts of oppression of the voice in a regulated speaking environment I’ve ever experienced.  This one action by the President of the Los Angeles City Council President, supported and empowered by its City Attorney, is the inspiration for this blog’s existence.

To give a context, I do not actually live in Los Angeles.  I was a longtime resident there and live in nearby Palm Springs area.  I often weekend and spend holidays in Los Angeles, I do work in Los Angeles and my daughter wants to attend UCLA when she graduates high school.  I consider Los Angeles my “Big City” and where I live is a part of it.  I first started attending Los Angeles City Council meetings in the Spring of 2014, as a part of the “Wave of Action” within the Occupy Movement.  My personal “Wave of Action” was “Global Police State Standdown” or “#GPSS”, and City Hall is where I focused that Wave of Action through the use of Public Comment.

So, this appearance was maybe my 6th or 7th appearance before the Los Angeles City Council.  I believe this was the first agenda item I spoke on this day.  I really just came to the meeting to give a general public invite to the upcoming Occupy Los Angeles event 11 October 2014.  When I gave my card for General Public Comment, I randomly asked the Sergeant at Arms “what topic should I speak on?”  And, randomly or otherwise, he responded with “Item 30,” so that is what I selected.  When I took my seat again and looked at Agenda Item 30, I smiled inside as I pulled the book from my bag I brought along on my trip to City Hall:  Life In Schools by Peter McLaren.  I opened the book and read a couple of diary entries, but it was the one from October 11 that seemed serendipitous in its message, and given my experience in jail and the proposed agenda item, I thought the advice was perfect to give direction to Los Angeles City Staff for this agenda Item.

Notwithstanding my use of traditional Toastmaster speaking protocol:  icebreaker, introduction, comment; I was interrupted and restrained just because I started speaking on the subject, not given the opportunity to finish.  I followed through at a future meeting in my public comment, and readdressed this item for them.  At around 3 hours 21 minutes into the meeting, you can hear and decide for yourself.

In fact, at Los Angeles City Council, I generally just give general public comment as most of the agenda items are well spoken on by others with the same positions as I have, and the rest, well, to be honest, if it does not matter to those intimately involved.  I do not speak just to speak.  I do not speak to have my thoughts interrupted and translated before i even give them voice.

In The Streets of San Diego

On 7 October, 2014, a couple of activists I know, Donna Piranha (time marker 2:43:50) and Melissa Ballin (time marker 2:46:00), and many others in the San Diego community shared their voice in Public Comment before the San Diego City Council who was taking up the issue of the unhoused and emergency Winter sheltering and, in general, the problem of homelessness.  The full discussion on the agenda item just after the council’s break at 2 hours into the meeting.  If homelessness is an issue in your community, listen to the entire dialogue, as it raises all the serious and general concerns relating to the mindset and approach with which we have been trying to solve the problem and the causes that still exist and how to better approach the problem as a whole.

Listen carefully to Melissa Ballin and how the council takes action with the legitimate legal notifications she presents to this body of government for to undertake a legal obligation based on proper notice as to deficiencies and failures of the governmental organization.  The Rights of the People must always be asserted and the government bodies must work with the consent of the people toward a solution that solves it for all the interested parties — or “Stakeholders”, as we are now referred to in the governmental diaspora of jargon.

Follow-up is always the key to maintaining a momentum for change.  City Hall meetings always bring together the voices that would stand to that microphone those who share their concerns for their reality in the community experience they have everyday.  At the 16 December, 2014 City Council Meeting, the City of San Diego follows-up on that Emergency Shelter issue, and then beginning at time marker 58:00 minutes, General Public Comment commences.  Donna Piranha and others in the San Diego community came to their City Council to talk to them about Police Brutality (#FergusonResponse), the Unhoused, and the issues facing their community. Linking the issue of how we treat our homeless and the police brutality, Donna speaks (at time marker 1:33:00) to the underlying misplacement of values in our priorities that cause the negative problems being confronted and discussed in her City Hall.

“Traffic Is Real” OR “I Got Hit By A Car AND It Wasn’t An Accident”

Last Saturday night I was hit by a car and the police don’t seem to think that’s a problem.

The scene — a driver floors his accelerator with at least 250 horses powering the “Ultimate Driving Machine” that weighs over 3,000 pounds right into …. some moms and students holding signs in the middle of a street that was a busy promenade at the Festival of Lights.  The Riverside Police have made every excuse possible to the victims for not pursuing the driver.

Being a visitor to the City of Riverside where the incident happened, I found the police response in the aftermath of the crime to be lackluster, inadequate and, to be honest, less than competent in just their ability, interest or intent to obtain a real statement from me, let alone any other people involved at the scene.  I DID walk over and give my name for the officer’s report, and after listening to him questioning another person, when he asked for my personal information, I laughed and said, “FTP, if you find him I’ll give you my information.”  The officer’s response was a shrug.  The officer did not even try to follow-up with a conversation.  When you have a citizenry that does not trust the police and the police make NO effort to build the trust in the wake of a crime like this for the victims, that police department is failing on levels so far away from the action in the streets, to try to manage it there on the spot with that officer would have been unfair to everyone and would have been futile.  #FuqThePolice

The Riverside Police’s response to this crime on THEIR COMMUNITY — let alone me as just a random victim — is shameful.  I do not understand the lack of Community Pride in their duty and service as a police department.  I do not understand a Police Department not taking the violent crimes against their community as a personal affront to the good, law abiding citizenry of our County, State and Nation.

This BMW wasn’t going to be the one to turn around like everyone else.  He was going to be the one that was going to floor it into the crowd and bust his way through.  He did.  The last thing he saw was the Guy Fawkes mask (the one that has come to be the face for “No One At All, Just Another Human Being” or “Anonymous” human) flying towards his windshield as I hit with the mask before being bounced off the hood of his car and onto the street as he continued to blaze through the crowd.

In the aftermath, its like the Police want this to happen in their streets — they want to encourage rather than nip-in-the-bud this “us-vs-them” random hate-based violence, to escalate the attacks against those who are seeking a non-violent means to resolving the deep issues that face our nation and community.  The inaction by the Riverside Police paint an endorsing quality to this kind of response for acts by violent perpetrators in their community.  Clearly, anyone who drives a car in this manner and uses as a weapon has no limit to the harm they will do to random strangers in our community.

As a part of Occupy City Hall, on 10 December 14, I used my public comment (at 24:04) opportunity at Cathedral City, California, and on 11 December 14, I used my public comment (at 15:30) opportunity at the City of Palm Desert to address this nation-wide problem, and to call upon the region’s elected officials to rise up and hold ourselves more accountable for the way we operate as a community.