Welcome To The Police State

Tonight I went to visit them at Palm Springs City Council, “welcome to the police state” said the metal detector now used at the front door.

I just spoke of that discomfort, “I do not consent” was a previous statement I made to them, yet I was grateful for the obvious statement by the city of their fear, even though I do not consent to the violent mindset government agenda of this “sanctuary city.”

Oooooohhhh they have a mess and way too many men, even if many speak with a women’s touch there, the woman’s voice as “mom” is missing most. Violence is being endorsed to protect a fear based reality that is dependent on violent actions to provide security. I just know, we reap what we sow.

I was grateful to not need to endure a prayer/invocation in the meeting and thankful for testimony on agenda was first. Some good yet, mostly bad vibes from #psp, the hometown of my daughter’s school.

The changes Moon has made as mayor are appreciated and observed.



Bullying Government

Desert Hot Springs, CA
7 Feb 17
City Council Meeting

I push buttons. Sometimes, I push buttons so people can see themselves for exactly how they are, the people they have become.

The bullies we are, play the games of the masses for the intentions and purposes of others, usually the corporate players or campaign contributors. The true individuals we are have been lost in the confusion of the part of the story we’re missing. That’s when having good friends are important.

The belief that “my religious beliefs” trumps those of others, falls in our government under the agreement for our union the Constitution protects. Does our Constitution not separate the church and those beliefs from imposition in government, like at city council meetings?

It’s shocking to me that we still need to wait for this correction. #PeopleAreStupid is still truth on planet earth.

“Traffic Is Real” OR “I Got Hit By A Car AND It Wasn’t An Accident”

Last Saturday night I was hit by a car and the police don’t seem to think that’s a problem.

The scene — a driver floors his accelerator with at least 250 horses powering the “Ultimate Driving Machine” that weighs over 3,000 pounds right into …. some moms and students holding signs in the middle of a street that was a busy promenade at the Festival of Lights.  The Riverside Police have made every excuse possible to the victims for not pursuing the driver.

Being a visitor to the City of Riverside where the incident happened, I found the police response in the aftermath of the crime to be lackluster, inadequate and, to be honest, less than competent in just their ability, interest or intent to obtain a real statement from me, let alone any other people involved at the scene.  I DID walk over and give my name for the officer’s report, and after listening to him questioning another person, when he asked for my personal information, I laughed and said, “FTP, if you find him I’ll give you my information.”  The officer’s response was a shrug.  The officer did not even try to follow-up with a conversation.  When you have a citizenry that does not trust the police and the police make NO effort to build the trust in the wake of a crime like this for the victims, that police department is failing on levels so far away from the action in the streets, to try to manage it there on the spot with that officer would have been unfair to everyone and would have been futile.  #FuqThePolice

The Riverside Police’s response to this crime on THEIR COMMUNITY — let alone me as just a random victim — is shameful.  I do not understand the lack of Community Pride in their duty and service as a police department.  I do not understand a Police Department not taking the violent crimes against their community as a personal affront to the good, law abiding citizenry of our County, State and Nation.

This BMW wasn’t going to be the one to turn around like everyone else.  He was going to be the one that was going to floor it into the crowd and bust his way through.  He did.  The last thing he saw was the Guy Fawkes mask (the one that has come to be the face for “No One At All, Just Another Human Being” or “Anonymous” human) flying towards his windshield as I hit with the mask before being bounced off the hood of his car and onto the street as he continued to blaze through the crowd.

In the aftermath, its like the Police want this to happen in their streets — they want to encourage rather than nip-in-the-bud this “us-vs-them” random hate-based violence, to escalate the attacks against those who are seeking a non-violent means to resolving the deep issues that face our nation and community.  The inaction by the Riverside Police paint an endorsing quality to this kind of response for acts by violent perpetrators in their community.  Clearly, anyone who drives a car in this manner and uses as a weapon has no limit to the harm they will do to random strangers in our community.

As a part of Occupy City Hall, on 10 December 14, I used my public comment (at 24:04) opportunity at Cathedral City, California, and on 11 December 14, I used my public comment (at 15:30) opportunity at the City of Palm Desert to address this nation-wide problem, and to call upon the region’s elected officials to rise up and hold ourselves more accountable for the way we operate as a community.