Watch “.@StopLAPDSpying on Lack of Transparency at #LAPD #LosAngeles #Police Commission April 18, 2017” on YouTube

This group from Los Angeles work really hard to know and understand how the police begin to threaten us, the average citizen. I’m so grateful for the day I met them at occupy los angeles many years ago. Keep up-to-date so you can understand the police state reality where you live.


How Big Are Gasps

The truth is always in the raw random data. If the extremes are off of the board, you have no clue about reality and someone needs to do more research (not cut back openness to the truth of our real condition!), but research for the sample testing.  #random, seriously, use random people, all dimensions (age appropriate of course).

In The Streets of San Diego

On 7 October, 2014, a couple of activists I know, Donna Piranha (time marker 2:43:50) and Melissa Ballin (time marker 2:46:00), and many others in the San Diego community shared their voice in Public Comment before the San Diego City Council who was taking up the issue of the unhoused and emergency Winter sheltering and, in general, the problem of homelessness.  The full discussion on the agenda item just after the council’s break at 2 hours into the meeting.  If homelessness is an issue in your community, listen to the entire dialogue, as it raises all the serious and general concerns relating to the mindset and approach with which we have been trying to solve the problem and the causes that still exist and how to better approach the problem as a whole.

Listen carefully to Melissa Ballin and how the council takes action with the legitimate legal notifications she presents to this body of government for to undertake a legal obligation based on proper notice as to deficiencies and failures of the governmental organization.  The Rights of the People must always be asserted and the government bodies must work with the consent of the people toward a solution that solves it for all the interested parties — or “Stakeholders”, as we are now referred to in the governmental diaspora of jargon.

Follow-up is always the key to maintaining a momentum for change.  City Hall meetings always bring together the voices that would stand to that microphone those who share their concerns for their reality in the community experience they have everyday.  At the 16 December, 2014 City Council Meeting, the City of San Diego follows-up on that Emergency Shelter issue, and then beginning at time marker 58:00 minutes, General Public Comment commences.  Donna Piranha and others in the San Diego community came to their City Council to talk to them about Police Brutality (#FergusonResponse), the Unhoused, and the issues facing their community. Linking the issue of how we treat our homeless and the police brutality, Donna speaks (at time marker 1:33:00) to the underlying misplacement of values in our priorities that cause the negative problems being confronted and discussed in her City Hall.