Watch “.@StopLAPDSpying on Lack of Transparency at #LAPD #LosAngeles #Police Commission April 18, 2017” on YouTube

This group from Los Angeles work really hard to know and understand how the police begin to threaten us, the average citizen. I’m so grateful for the day I met them at occupy los angeles many years ago. Keep up-to-date so you can understand the police state reality where you live.


The City that Seats The State Capitol

Every state in the United States has a capitol.  The City that plays host to that capitol has a special task to hold that capitol secure and accessible for the People.  Last year, I went to my state capitol, Sacramento, California, for the occupy national gathering. We arrived the day before, met up with the local organizers who had informed us of their typical police harassment they had been experiencing when news of the Occupy National Gathering was coming to Sacramento.  A small group of citizens that actually hailed from all over the world,we had no more than the Continental Congess except when we had our demonstrations and direct actions.

After hearing about the harassment of the local police and their promise of more, I went to the Sacramento City Council meeting and addressed my concerns for the gathering, invited the City play “a good host” as opposed to how they promised to show up in riot gear for our very little, sweet, but deliberate gathering.  Securing safe space begins with clear communication.  I think that if I give all government officials their position’s authority and expect, demand and require them to hold that authority as The People consent, they will ultimately do what the People consent for them to do, based on the continued informed direction from the People.

The Need 4 Change

Requires each of us to find a way to share our voice.
Each of us is holding a key to the context of this nation we need to address right now.  If you are reading this, then you know what I mean because you are not watching reruns of Dukes of Hazard or playing a video game that does little than occupy your mind for a time.

To be governed requires a lot of work by those of us who know what we want in our nation for our children.  The future we want for them, and the future we DO NOT WANT for them.  I think the latter is, right now, the most important thing we need to communicate to our government.

Our government creates ways to govern us, more and more ways to “fix” the areas where there are conflicts and problems, mostly through new laws or another new program that will address the area that is not “right.”  We are doing too much of that now without really thinking and researching the development of circumstances and not bothering or managing to find the roots of that which led the government to even want to address it with a new law or ordinance, regulation or policy.

Be sure to go to your next City Council, County Commissioner or State Legislative meeting where you can give them some information — what you think they should do, and be sure to tell them in explicit terms what you will and will not consent to in their actions.

Stop the overreaching of our governments wherever you find a need, and do it with a smile because remember, they are our neighbors and, sometimes, friends.  Be kind, but direct, matter-of-fact and succinct, clear and concise and consent that is not given is one they are not allowed to take, even though that is the modus operendi.  Remind them so they know without a doubt exactly what you do and do not consent for them to do.

Public Meetings

There are public meetings on almost every subject matter you can imagine.  If there’s a government involved, there’s a public meeting on the way that government operates and governs.  I picked the Nuclear Regulatory Agency as one of government pieces I watch because, after the nuclear power plant in Japan began melting down 4 years ago, I realized that our greatest threat to survival was the complete nuclearization of our water through the improper disposal of nuclear waste and the way we mine, manage and dispose of our nuclear materials even after all these years.

I am no nuclear scientist and I mostly just attend the meetings to learn what i don’t know and chime in where I have questions or a thought, after all, if one wants to hang out with smart people, one must go searching for smart people and who is more smart than a nuclear scientist?!!!  well, i have discovered, that nuclear scientist and all, most of the people at the NRC know just more about the details of their job, but their vision for real safety and security has been so compromised by the way that corporations and businesses have worked with government to change the mindset to one of dullness, negligence and compromise beyond the threshold of reasonable safety, well beyond common sense.

Here’s a simple report from one of the meetings.  Mostly gibberish, until you ask them to explain it to you as if you were on a tour of the facility with a field trip from an elementary school.  If they cannot explain anything they were speaking about in a public meeting to that level, they need to be challenged to make the information and discussion to be one the common person may understand, otherwise what is the point of holding a public meeting on anything?

The Battle For Safe Space

Before there can be community policing, there must be an engaged government with Public Officials wholly accountable to The People.  If the People are not engaged in their government, either through #GovernmentFortressing or abject disinterest of the People, there cannot be an effective Community Policing Policy in place.

If voting turnout is so low so as not to even engage a simple majority of its “registered citizens,” let alone the Public, Governments must acknowledge their failure to maintain a government of consent, fundamental for the operation of the American System.

Government Fortessing is when Elected Officials use all their leverage to minimize public comment and input.  They do this on every level and in every way they possibly can to manipulate the narration of the interaction between the Public and the Government in the most impartial way possible, always and consistently in favor of the institution, employees or elected officials.

I experience this with the City Council of the City of Los Angeles.  I am not alone.  Apparently, this is how they treat everyone they choose to view in their interpretation and narration of the interactions.  I do not care if anyone values my thoughts and words specifically, what I do care about is that the person with the RIGHT answer in the room for a problem or an issue will not be precluded, stifled or completely blocked from speaking because those who hold the power, abuse it. Herb Wesson and the Los Angeles City Council create an uncomfortable forum for public speaking, send out mixed messages inviting public to come and engaged only to come and be told to “stfu” and they are speaking off topic just because they are not a very good speaker, yet won’t even listen to see if they get around to getting to the thought they wanted to share in the time allotted.  That is why time is allotted, because sometimes people take a minute to get their thoughts out on a subject.  What I fear most is, the smartest person in the room just won’t come because our Public Officials are mean to anyone they choose without any recourse.

Wrong mindset for any government that wants an engaged public.  Since we are a government that is by the consent of the People, this government has wrong-minded authority.

Watch City Councilman “President” Herb Wesson deal with two “off topic” speakers (according to him on Agenda Item 30, around 1hour 41minutes) — me and Batman!  Observe the difference is in how he deals with me vs. Batman. I was literally escorted from the room because what the television doesn’t show are two police officers putting their hands on me and my demanding they release me immediately as they did not have consent to touch me (that is the “disturbance” in the meeting referenced).  FYI, In this meeting, this was the first time I got up to speak on an item.  I guess he just didn’t like my introduction.  Sigh, #ToastmasterModelFailed2Work.  Maybe, its just because I’m a girl.